What makes the perfect pillow for hot sleepers?

What makes the perfect pillow for hot sleepers?

Sleep is incredibly important. From job performance to your overall mental and physical health, most adults need those 6-8 hours every night. For many of us, it’s not as easy as getting into bed and falling asleep.

Comfort is paramount when it comes to restfulness. So how do you ensure you get a good night’s cool sleep, especially if you’re a hot sleeper?


What is a Hot Sleeper?

Typically, as we fall asleep, our body temperature decreases. Upon waking, our body temperature will gradually rise until we wake. This system allows us to rest solidly throughout the night.

This system doesn’t work as well in “hot sleepers,” who constantly feel overheated at night and may experience night sweats. Devising methods of cool sleep will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed.

There are several things we can do to get a cooler sleep beyond wearing thin, breathable clothing. Finding bedding accessories with the right cooling properties will make the whole difference. From your mattress sheets and especially your pillow.


Finding The Right Pillow Can Be Key to Your Cool Sleep!

Did you know that 7-10% of our body heat escapes through our head?

This means that hot sleepers can enjoy cool sleep simply by choosing the right pillow. Sleeptone’s cooling pillows were specially designed for this. With fabrics that are cool to the touch, shapes ideal for your sleep position, and fillings such as gel or graphite that draw heat from your body. Complete with a five-year warranty, even hot sleepers can finally enjoy a cool night’s rest with peace of mind.



So Which Pillow is Right for You?

Sleeptone offers a variety of cooling pillows from our Loft Collection, each made with the expressed purpose of ensuring you get a restful night.

Breathable Support Pillow

A plush cooling cover and a fill of shredded gel memory foam ensure cool comfort and support. Breathable, removable ICETONE™fabric optimizes airflow for a cool sleep experience. Our soft yet supportive pillow provides the support you need and instantly responds to changes in your position for optimal comfort.

Cool Control Pillow

This pillow is filled with gel-infused memory foam and cased with a Tencel™covering, which is easily removed for cleaning. Two zones of cooling include MaxCool and CozyCool, depending on your preferences. 


Cool Control Side Sleeper Pillow

Enjoy all the benefits of the Cool Control Pillow, including our MaxCool and CozyCool zones made especially for side sleepers. Ditch the morning neck cramps that come with your ideal sleeping position for a comfortable night’s rest. Check out the



ICETONE Body Pillow

Provide your whole body with superb comfort with this pillow. Our bamboo cover is breathable, washable, and sustainable, using one of the most eco-friendly fibers available. The interior is plush with ICETONE™ cooling fabric and an advanced shredded cooling gel in its core.


Supportive Down Pillow

Experience the height of luxury with our Supportive Down Pillow. Our 100% cambric cotton case with satin piping feels like a cool cloud. A three-chamber design with an inner chamber providing optimal support while the top and bottom layers provide the plush comfort of a 100% down that ensures your comfort.


Overstuffed Down-Alternative Pillow

Enjoy the luxurious look of the Loft Supportive Down Pillow, with a hypoallergenic down-alternative and completely allergen-free.


Choose Your Pillow Today for a Better Sleep Tonight!

Whatever your needs, Sleeptone’s cooling pillows provide hot sleepers with the relief they need. A cool sleep truly does await on both sides of the pillow!


Learn more about the Sleeptone Loft Pillow Collection

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