Best Mattress for Couples with Different Preferences

Best Mattress for Couples with Different Preferences

Did you know that 9 out of 10 couples have opposing mattress preferences? You’re most likely reading this because you and your partner are unable to agree on mattress firmness. Not to worry, you’re not alone. Sleep is incredibly important, and sacrificing you or your partner’s comfort is far from the ideal solution.

Mattress shopping can be a frustrating experience for couples with different preferences. Compromises are an essential part of any marriage, but sleep should not be among them. 

In this article, you’ll discover the innovative mattress that was specifically developed as a solution to this common problem. 



Challenges for Couples with Traditional Mattresses


Traditional mattresses are not ideal for most people, let alone couples. Most couples have exceedingly different needs when it comes to mattress firmness. Some might need a softer mattress to get comfortable enough to sleep, while others might need a firmer mattress for support.

Other concerns for couples when it comes to slumber include movement disrupting their partner and body heat affecting the mattress. These can lead to truly unpleasant nocturnal situations.

The Iselect mattress solves your nighttime woes by offering different firmness on each side. You don’t have to break the bank to solve these common issues. The Iselect Mattress is an affordable solution to sleepless nights and miserable mornings.  


The Phoenix Iselect mattress actually consists of four components: A solid foam foundation that prevents sagging, two individual hybrid mattress units, each unit has a different firmness on either side, and a bamboo enclosure that brings it all together as one seamless experience.


The iSelect Mattress is suited for both adjustable and flat beds. It is simple to customize - simply choose from the memory foam or the spring foam hybrid. All other customizability is done at your home with complete ease.



What Makes the Iselect a Great Mattress for Couples with Different Preferences?

Until now if you wanted an adjustable comfort mattress, your options were limited to only high priced mattresses. Now there is an affordable optionThe Iselect is remedying common problems by providing an affordable and easy to use and clean mattress.


Simply Flip and Zip

Unzip the bamboo cover and flip your side of the mattress to either the soft or the firm side. The soft side provides a 4 out of 10 firmness rating while the firm side is a 7 out of 10.

Once you and your partner have chosen your side simply rezip the covering and enjoy a good night’s rest at last.

The easy to use iSelect Mattress provides a luxurious feel with a high-end aesthetic.


If your partner is a hot sleeper, it’s not just unpleasant for them, but for you as well. All that body heat can make you uncomfortable and keep you up as well. 

Luckily the Phoenix iSelect Mattress has gel-infused memory foam to dissipate heat and help with the cooling process.

Motion Transfer

The Iselect’s graphite-infused foam prevents your partner’s movements from disrupting your sleep by reducing movement transfer. 


Couples with different preferences can sometimes be led into purchasing mattresses far out of their price range because they’re desperate for a good night’s sleep.

The Iselect won’t bankrupt you while allowing you a luxurious and harmonious sleep experience. 


Reclaim Your Nights with Phoenix Iselect, the Affordable Adjustable Comfort Mattress

Co-sleeping with your partner should be a wonderful experience, not a stressful one. Get the best sleep you’ve ever had individually and together with the best mattress for couples with different mattress preferences.

A mattress with different firmness on each side like the Phoenix Iselect will allow you both to sleep soundly.

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