Adjustable Beds: Are They Worth It?

Adjustable Beds: Are They Worth It?

Picture this: You've decided to upgrade your bed frame and/or mattress. Upon entering the showroom, your eyes are immediately drawn to the adjustable bed options - but you’ve never used an adjustable bed before. You’re intimidated. You’re nervous. You don’t know much about them. Are adjustable beds worth it?

An adjustable bed is considered to be the epitome of luxury – one of the most advanced and innovative options in the world of sleep. But the age-old question remains: Are adjustable beds worth it?

For the most part, in combination with a proper mattress, adjustable beds provide the best sleeping conditions you could ask for. But, while an adjustable bed may revolutionize the sleeping experience, they're still not necessarily for everyone.

Here are 5 questions that may help you determine if an adjustable bed will help improve your quality of life:


1.   Are adjustable beds good for sleep apnea and snoring?

Yes! Adjustable beds allow you to adjust your head to an angle that will open up airways and aid in easier breathing throughout the night. Some even have a special head tilt and anti-snore feature included in the bed itself.


2.   Are adjustable beds good for side sleepers?

Yes! Because adjustable beds allow you to elevate the upper portion of your body, they help side sleepers take pressure off the hips, neck, and shoulders, when they’d otherwise be unaligned, causing unnecessary tension and stress.


3.   Are adjustable beds good for circulation issues or back pain?

Yes! Many people who experience these issues find relief while sleeping in a reclined position and tend to benefit greatly from sleeping on an adjustable bed.


4.   Do adjustable beds make it easier to get out of bed?

Yes! Whether it’s because of age, injury, or other health conditions, some people find it difficult to get out of a bed directly from a horizontal position so switching your bed to an inclined position before getting out of it helps alleviate some of this pressure.


5.   Can adjustable beds help me enjoy more relaxing downtime in bed?

Yes! It can be a difficult task to get comfortable on a standard mattress when trying to watch TV or read a book in bed. Sitting upright against a headboard can soon cause pain and strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. An adjustable bed offers you maximum support so you can find the most comfortable position, every time.


The Affordability of Adjustable Beds

Many people who are in the market for a new bed/mattress assume that adjustable beds are well out of their price range. While they may be a bit more costly than a standard mattress, adjustable beds are a special investment that can greatly improve your quality of life and, at Sleeptone, we’ve made it our mission to create a high-quality, adjustable bed at an affordable price point that everyone can enjoy.

Sleeptone adjustable beds are built to last with a 20-year warranty and premium upholstered fabric with an upgraded look that blends seamlessly into any bedroom. Both of Sleeptone’s adjustable bed models include a smooth and quiet motor, head and foot incline options, and easy shipping with a simple, 5-minute setup. Both models even include a memory feature so you can set your bed to an ideal incline, each and every time.

Now that you know about the benefits of adjustable beds, what do you think? – are adjustable beds worth it?

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