The Best Pillow Features for an Adjustable Bed

The Best Pillow Features for an Adjustable Bed

As the world continues to evolve and adapt to life during a pandemic, bedrooms are no longer just a place to sleep. More and more, people spend prolonged periods of time in their beds – not only is your bed a place to sleep, but now they’ve become a place to watch TV, relax and even work. Because of this, the idea of investing in an adjustable bed is starting to sound appealing to a lot more people.  

Because you’re able to change the position of an adjustable bed so frequently, the type of support needed for your neck and head will change too. So, that being said, what are your pillow options for maintaining ultimate comfort in each position?

Using a standard pillow for your adjustable bed may not be an option. With an adjustable bed, you have the ability to alter between many different positions, changing the angle of support that’s needed for your neck and head. With each change in position, you might find yourself having to adjust your pillow,  or find that you may even need multiple pillows, to find something that feels comfortable for you.  


What if there was one pillow that could offer the right support for every position you use in your adjustable bed? Let’s take a look at some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to purchasing the perfect pillow for your adjustable bed.



Which pillows are Not for your adjustable bed

❌ Cervical Support and Orthopedic Pillow

When looking for the right pillow for you, it’s important to note that cervical support and orthopedic pillows may not be best to use with adjustable beds. Although they are great for specific concerns or injuries, these pillows were not designed to adjust to different angles and were designed to be used with conventional beds to correct existing pain issues. In other words, they are corrective, and not preventative, in nature and should only be used for specific issues diagnosed by a health care professional.

❌ Silk Pillowcase 

Although silk pillowcases are known to provide a cleaner sleeping surface, offering less friction for your hair and skin, the slippery surface is not ideal for adjustable beds because it causes pillows to slide down your bed when it’s in an upright position. 

❌ Standard Pillow 

Because one of the main benefits of an adjustable bed is that you can switch your position, at will, to help with things like sleep apnea, circulation issues, finding a comfortable position to relax in your bed, and more, standard pillows aren’t the best option because they’re often designed to provide targeted comfort for one specific sleeping position. Standard pillows may not contour properly to your head and neck as you move about in your new adjustable bed. 


Pros and Cons of Memory Foam

Memory Foam is a good option for people looking for maximum support in a pillow. Of course, you want to find a pillow that offers maximum support for your neck, shoulders, or upper back to help you avoid future pain and stiffness. Memory foam is supportive and will form to the shape of your head and neck, helping align your spine properly to avoid this unnecessary pain and stiffness. However, Memory Foam is very dense and has insufficient airflow, so can easily heat up and cause some discomfort for those who prefer a cooler sleeping environment.



What Is Your Best Option?


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The Sleeptone pillow for adjustable beds features a breathable and removable bamboo cover for easy cleaning and a pillow that is infused with cooling ICETONE™ gel to regulate your body temperature for luxurious comfort. This responsive and innovative pillow for adjustable beds offers a soft and supportive natural curve that gently contours to the shape of your head and neck, without adding pressure or discomfort.

Overall, adjustable bed pillows are designed to solve the issues discussed above, preserving the natural curvature of the neck, and offering ideal support and body alignment in every position, creating an unforgettable sleeping experience for everyone.



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