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Welcome to the Sleeptone Family!

Our Sleeptone Wellness Experts help promote healthier sleeping conditions and habits. Better sleep not only improves your brain performance, but also has a positive effect on mood, general health, energy levels, and happiness!  There is much more to good sleep than just how many hours you spend in bed…

Have you been interested in starting up your own business from home, around your own schedule, but you are frustrated with an inundated market full of diet programs, beauty products, and kitchen utensils?  We feel your pain!  There are more of these programs than anyone can count - and it makes it very difficult to earn a living when you have so much competition out there selling similar products!

There are no other companies that offer a program of this nature - educating customers on healthy sleeping habits, and selling high quality sleep solutions.  Join the Sleeptone Wellness Expert Community, and be the first in your area to pioneer this new and exciting market, without any competition!  You will sleep well at night knowing you are helping your community live healthier lifestyles, all while making a living on your own schedule!

Why be a Sleeptone Wellness Expert?

Earn 25% - 35% Commission on amazing products.  Access exclusive Friends & Family discounts to share.  Live healthier.

Zero Out of Pocket Cost

“Being a Sleeptone Wellness Expert provides me with the flexibility to work on my own schedule, and the income I want to allow me to enjoy life!  Hosting a Sleep Wellness Party is so much fun - it is as simple as sharing easy solutions to common sleep & wellness issues that most people experience every day.” 

Jodi H, Sleeptone Wellness Expert, NY

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Interested in learning more, and earning $$ from home?  Look no further!

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Step 1

Request More Information

Click here to request more information, and one of our Wellness Coaches will reach out to you to answer any question that you have, and help you figure out if training as a Sleeptone Wellness Expert is right for you.

Step 2

Become Certified

Once you have been accepted to the program, it’s time to take the Sleeptone Wellness Expert online certification course (approximately 2 hours), and become a Certified Sleep Expert.  In this course, you will not only learn about our innovative products that revolutionized how people sleep - but you will also learn about healthy sleeping habits and environments, and what healthy sleep can do for a person’s overall well being.

Step 3

Choose Your Business Bundle

Once you are certified, it is time to get your business set up!  While we set up your website and marking tools, you can choose from several different business bundles to fit your lifestyle and business plans, with up front costs starting at $0 (listed below).  Choose what works best for you!

Step 4

Start Your Business & Earn $$$

Our Wellness Coach will work with you to launch your business, starting hosting Pajama Parties, and begin selling online as well with a special discounted rate.  Take our ideas and proven methods, and run with your own entrepreneurial strategies as well!

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