How A Complete Sleep Solution Boosts Average Ticket Sales

How A Complete Sleep Solution Boosts Average Ticket Sales

Consumers are well aware that they need more than just a mattress, but many shoppers think that they’re better off buying everything they need separately. Instead of purchasing a complete sleep solution, they’ll find a mattress that suits them and find the bed frame, pillows, sheet set, and other accessories elsewhere.

This isn’t what mattress retailers want, as they can generate higher average sales from these accessories. They need to make sure that consumers understand that going with a complete sleep solution is in their best interest.



Adjustable Beds and Complete Sleep Solutions


Adjustable beds are among the fastest-growing trends. The ability to angle the mattress as needed to attain the perfect sleeping position for any individual is highly sought after. However, consumers can get even more benefits by going with a complete sleep solution.

With adjustable beds, consumers get the best and most worry-free experience when every part of the set is made to go together. While mixing and matching might work passably for other sets, adjustable beds work best when they have matching bases, mattresses, and pillows.

Make sure to communicate this to the consumer. Of course, a major point to bring up is the savings of a complete package as well, but the importance of having set components work together properly is often overlooked. Stress the convenience of complete sleep packages as well. There’s no easier way to buy an entire bed with accessories today.



The Importance of Average Ticket Sales


Many mattress retailers can make the mistake of thinking that any sale is a good sale. However, that isn’t the case. When running a mattress store, one of the most important metrics to watch is average ticket sales. The simple fact of the matter is that you can only sell so many mattresses, which makes add-ons a vital source of additional revenue.

Complete sleep solutions are among the most effective methods to drive up average ticket sales. You should be sure to showcase accessories prominently and have sets displayed with the appropriate complete sleep solution components.

This is particularly important with adjustable beds, which can often be seen as an add-on themselves rather than a central component of complete sleep solutions. Always have adjustable bed bases displayed with the appropriate mattress, pillow, sheets, etc. This communicates to potential buyers that a set is being sold, and selling that set can provide retailers with greatly increased average ticket sales.


Complete Sleep Solutions With Sleeptone


Sleeptone provides retailers with a wide range of premium bed accessories and sets that can help improve average ticket sales. These products have innovative features that drive sales and elegant designs that look stunning in your showroom. Not only that, but they’re highly affordable as well, for both you and your customers.

With Sleeptone, you can offer your customers a complete sleep solution that meets all of their needs. By selling a mattress, adjustable bed base, pillow, and sheet set all at once, you’ll be able to increase ticket sales on every mattress you sell. 

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