Sleeptone Cool Choice Pillow

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Size: Queen


Style: Back Sleeper


Versatile Support for Every Sleep Style

Experience the epitome of restful nights with our innovative cooling pillow designed for everyone. Crafted to cater to all sleep preferences, this adjustable wonder provides a cooling sensation while offering customizable support for stomach, back, or side sleepers. Say hello to personalized comforter, and farewell to restless nights. 

What's Inside

Outer Layer: TENCEL Lyocell + Icetone Cooling for pleasant Sleep

Divider Layer: Breathable fabric separator for improved airflow

First Chamber: Supportive Graphite memory foam for heat dissipation

Divider Layer: Enhanced airflow with a breathable fabric separator

Second Chamber: Adjustable Cooling Gel Memory Foam and Gel Ball Fiver for customizable comfort

Cool Choice Pillow: Ventilated design for breathability and flexibility

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