How to Sell A Mattress To The Educated Customer

How to Sell A Mattress To The Educated Customer

How To Sell A Mattress To An Educated Mattress Customer?

Selling a mattress is not simple. Everybody needs a mattress, but customers vary widely in how they shop for these big-ticket items. Understanding how these customers think and what they’re looking for is key to refining your sales approach for even better results.


What Is Your Buyer Actually Looking For?

Your mattress selling experience will include interactions with many different types of customers. Some are casually considering a new mattress. Others are there to buy today but will probably try to hide that fact. Knowing how to sell a mattress to these unique types of customers can go a long way.

Today, many buyers do significant research at home before ever setting foot in a mattress store. They might come in with a specific brand and model in mind already. In these cases, it’s still best to circle back to what features the customer is looking for and have attracted them to that mattress.

By understanding your buyer’s priority, you may be able to identify more suitable options. You’ll also be able to recommend substitutes that are similar in features and quality to the buyer’s preferred option if you don’t carry that brand or don’t have stock.



Don’t Lose Your Buyer’s Trust

The key to how to sell a mattress isn’t as simple as making a persuasive pitch but is also about maintaining trust. Many buyers are very wary of mattress stores and believe that sales associates aren’t going to readily provide them with a good deal. Building trust during the sales process is vital to keeping the sale.

Ideally, you should focus on features before price. A customer that is highly focused on price alone can be a very difficult sale, and discussing the features of a mattress could bring them around even if they were initially reluctant.

With customers who have done significant research and are clearly apprehensive about prices, many common sales tactics can backfire. Offering bed accessories can be a great choice for some customers but can lead more wary customers to believe they’re being taken advantage of. They won’t have any trust that your prices are reasonable if they think they’re being distracted rather than persuaded.

Mattress selling is a complex process, but there are some straightforward steps you can follow. You can check out this mattress selling guide to learn a bit more about the process and how you can improve your sales.



Having the Stock to Meet Your Buyer’s Needs

One of the best ways to promote sales is to have products that your customers are interested in. By having a range of innovative items, you’re more likely to find the perfect fit for your buyer. Sleeptone manufactures unique bedding products for mattress stores with attractive pricing.


Sleeptone offers a wide range of beeding products from adjustable bed frames, pillows, comforters, mattress protectors, bed sheets, and more could be just what you need to increase sales by better meeting your customers’ needs. You can start shopping with Sleeptone today to expand your inventory and help secure more sales.

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