Adjustable Bed Benefits Of The Sleeptone Adjustable Bed

Adjustable Bed Benefits Of The Sleeptone Adjustable Bed

Getting a high-quality night’s sleep is essential to health, wellness, and overall life performance. Your sleep patterns affect your mood, ability to focus, and productivity.

Did you know that:

●     Almost half of all Americans report feeling sleepy throughout the day on a regular basis?

●     People with severe insomnia are 7 times more likely to suffer accidents at work?

●     35.2% of all adults in the U.S. report sleeping less than 7 hours per night on average?

With so much at stake, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting adequate rest. This will enable you to set yourself up for success on a daily basis and eliminate as many sleep-related issues as possible.

It’s also important to understand that a high-quality bed isn’t a luxury: It’s a necessity.

With that being said, there are a lot of benefits to buying and using an adjustable bed. In fact, as more people become aware of how crucial sleep is to the modern human lifestyle, high-quality adjustable beds come more into focus as a potential solution to a range of sleep-related issues.

And for good reason.

There are quite a few adjustable bed benefits that can make a huge difference in terms of sleep quality (and thus, overall quality of life).

In this post, we’re going to discuss some of the key benefits that serve to make an adjustable bed a transformation for your quality of rest.

Adjustable Bed Benefits

Adjustable beds pack in quite a few features that put them heads and shoulders above the flat-style beds that most people sleep on. Here are some of the most beneficial features:

1. Improved overall sleep comfort

One of the primary benefits of an adjustable bed base is that you can adjust its position as desired to help you achieve maximum overall sleep comfort.

You can adjust the angle and height of the head of the bed. You can also adjust the bottom of the bed, making it easier than ever to make your legs and back more comfortable while you sleep. 

For example, people who suffer from insomnia stand to gain some potent benefits from sleeping in an adjustable bed, courtesy of the fact that it would allow them to customize their sleeping position to allow for maximum comfort and sleep quality.

Heartburn and acid reflux are also examples of conditions that are often improved with the use of an adjustable bed. These conditions tend to get worse when the sufferer lays on their back because this allows the acid to flow upward in the esophagus, thus creating a burning sensation. Adjustable beds can be very helpful in such cases, as they can allow the user to sleep at an inclined angle–thus using the power of gravity itself to help keep the condition at bay.

2. Get into bed (and out of it) easily

For people who tend to struggle with mobility challenges, adjustable beds offer a unique solution. Being able to adjust the bed on demand makes it much easier to enter and exit the bed without assistance, thus providing the user with a higher level of mobility and independence.

3. Alleviate breathing-related sleep symptoms of snoring, sleep apnea, and asthma

Some people find that sleeping in a slightly upright position lessens the pressure on the airway and alleviates symptoms of breathing-related conditions like snoring, sleep apnea, and asthma by making it easier to keep the airway open during sleep. (Snoring could be caused by several different root issues; for some people, the root cause comes from a phenomenon known as soft palate vibration. )

Adjustable bed bases allow you to change the position of your bed, which can be beneficial for the passage of air through the upper airway. This leads to a better quality of sleep so that these breathing-related disorders do not interfere with your ability to enter the REM cycle. (It also helps people who sleep with partners, as it can cut down on the disturbance of snoring and wheezing noises associated with such disorders.)

4. Enhance circulation

Some users find that being able to adjust the angle of their legs can help reduce swelling and improve their circulation. This is a significant benefit for people who tend to suffer from conditions that affect their circulation due to the fact that it could empower them to angle their legs however they wish. (This can even be useful for people who suffer from conditions like restless leg syndrome.)

5. Ease back and joint pain

One of the challenges of sleeping in a regular bed is that it limits the options for changing positions. For people who tend to suffer from back or joint pain on a regular basis, being able to change the angle and position of the bed can be a serious game-changer for getting comfortable and being able to sleep better for longer.

Using an adjustable bed to provide an incline for the upper body and elevate the knees effectively supports the natural curve of the spine, which can alleviate back and joint pain. For people who like to sleep on their side, an adjustable bed can also be angled to keep the spine properly aligned.

Some people get really stiff muscles and joints after sleeping (sometimes due to poor mattress quality, or simply due to the fact that they’re sleeping on a flat surface area). In such cases, an adjustable bed can offer relief and provide a means of avoiding muscle, neck, shoulder, and/or joint stiffness.

People who suffer from chronic pain sometimes really struggle to get enough high-quality rest.

An adjustable bed can be massively transformative, however, as it can empower the individual to position themselves to avoid pain, increase comfort, and sleep better.

Benefits of Sleeptone Adjustable Beds

At Sleeptone, we work hard to make sure that every product is loaded with benefits and engineered to the highest quality standards. If you’re shopping for a new adjustable bed, here are a few reasons why Sleeptone products are a hit with consumers.


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1. Created with High Quality Materials

Backed by over 40 years of expertise in the field of bedding products, we take extra steps to ensure that our products are made of the highest possible quality. We pride ourselves on using premium components that offer ultimate comfort and long-lasting durability. We are proud to boast a longstanding record of excellent product quality and customer satisfaction. Our products are trusted by major companies and brands like: Macy’s, Wayfair, Five Stars Appliances & Mattress, Mattress Depot, Mattress Superstore, and Mattress & Furniture Express.

2. Stock Replacement Parts

Ordering an adjustable bed from Sleeptone doesn’t just empower you to own an amazing adjustable bed. It also provides you with the ability to order a range of adjustable bed parts (such as headboard brackets and bed legs) to enhance the value of your purchase years down the road. In other words, years (or even decades) after your initial purchase, you’ll still be able to acquire first-class parts without a headache.

3. Ease of Use

One issue that some people are concerned about with adjustable beds is the issue of loud motors. These motors can be pretty obnoxious—which is why Sleeptone goes the extra mile to equip the head and leg incline surfaces with a quiet motor that you’ll barely even notice.

What’s more, the position of the bed can be easily controlled from your smartphone using the Sleeptone App, or with use of the supplied remote control. We’ve also built in other features to enhance the user experience, from USB charging ports to adjustable leg height and more.

4. Full Warranty Support

 If a repair is needed for a Sleeptone adjustable bed, we’ve got you covered. Owning an adjustable bed that doesn’t come with a warranty basically sets you up for a serious headache (and expensive repair costs) down the road.

You’re protected from all of these issues when you purchase a Sleeptone bed. Our warranty on adjustable beds runs for 20 years from the date of purchase. So for issues within that coverage period, we’ll come to your premises to service your adjustable bed on location.

5. Support a Great Cause

Sleeptone Foundation is proud to support organizations like the Bowery Mission, the New York City Rescue mission, and the Goodwill Rescue mission. We serve the homeless by donating mattresses and bedding to people who need them the most. And a portion of the proceeds from every purchase you make is dedicated to promoting efforts to end homelessness. 

The Adjustable Bed Pillow

As a perfect complement to your adjustable bed, we also carry what we believe to be the best pillow for adjustable beds with many features designed to support the various sleep positions a user may choose. With premium memory foam that intuitively adapts to your position you won’t have to compromise on cushioning for your head and neck. Designed to maintain your optimal comfort throughout the night, the interior of the pillow is iInfused with cooling gel while the breathable bamboo cover regulates temperature and improves airflow.


Are You Thinking About Trying Your Own Adjustable Bed?

If you’ve never used an adjustable bed before (or if you’ve used one in the past and are thinking about jumping back into the experience), then consider Sleeptone’s two amazing adjustable bed products; the S1000 and the S5000.

The S1000 boasts a range of high-end features, including head and foot incline (powered by 2 Okin motors), 4 preset and programmable positions, a one-touch flat button, a flashlight, sync cable, and an LED backlit wireless remote control.

The S5000 takes everything up a notch. It boasts head, foot, and head-tilt incline (powered by 3 Okin motors), 5 preset positions and 6 programmable positions, a head and foot massage feature, a motion-activated LED backlit wireless remote control, 2 USB charging ports, and under-bed LED nightlights.

We have a feeling that once you try one of these amazing beds, you’ll never want to go back.


We often get asked the question of ‘Do you need a special base for an adjustable bed?’

To clarify, when you buy a Sleeptone adjustable bed, your purchase includes an adjustable bed frame together with a coordinating base. 

However, you can generally choose whatever headboard you desire, as well as a mattress of your choice that’s appropriately sized. (The only exception would be inner coil mattresses over 14 inches, which should not be used for any adjustable bed base). When attaching the headboard, however, you’ll find that buying the proper adjustable bed headboard brackets for that specific brand may be required.

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